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Native New Yorkers know that once the holidays end, we still have months of winter ahead of us to face. New York City winters are unforgiving and seem like they last forever. If you are new to extreme winters or even just to the city, proper preparation is key to surviving the perilous weather for the next few months. 


Layer up

The most important, and obvious, defense against the winter cold is to wear layers. Layers will not only protect your face from the piercing winds and your toes from melted snow, but it allows for the opportunity to remove these layers when you are indoors. In addition, invest in a heavy jacket. When dealing with winters in the city, functionality beats style, so be selective with your outerwear and invest in a warm jacket. 


Beat the dry heat

The drastic change in temperature between the sub zero outside and heated indoors is enough to make anyone sick. Mix that with the dry air created from the heat in most NYC buildings and you have a recipe for a cold. Combat the dry heat indoors with a humidifier. Not only will it add much needed moisture to the air, but it will save your skin from drying out. 


Utilize snow days

Should your company allow it, snow days are a great way to get work done in a change of scenery without having to brace the winter weather. Working out of the office helps boost mental health and even productivity. Be sure to stock up at the grocery store on your favorite snacks and meal ingredients because there is a good chance you will be snowed in at least once during the winter. 


Prepare for delays

Traffic in New York City already moves at a glacial pace, but this slows down tremendously during bad weather, thus leading to subway delays as well. Prepare for the delays by leaving early and giving yourself extra time during your commute. Be wary for ice as well, as sidewalks are not always tended to properly. 


Add some greenery to your home

The leaves in central park may have fallen and green grass is even harder to come by in the concrete jungle. Try adding some houseplants to your home to add color and reminisce on spring. Plants also purify the air within your space, which will help you fight against winter colds.