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New York City is home to some of the most diverse and exquisite foods in the world. Every year, the Big Apple runs the infamous NYC Restaurant Week. Among the five boroughs of New York City are over 360 restaurants that are participating in the discounted dining experience. These restaurants will offer prix fixe menus consisting of two-course lunches for $26 and three-course dinners for $42. 


Not only does this event, which runs this year from January 21 to February 9, allow tourists and natives to explore new restaurants, but new neighborhoods as well. New York City is so large that many individuals spend their time in just one borough like Manhattan or Brooklyn, seldom traveling to the Bronx, Queens, or Staten Island – or visa versa. Each borough and neighborhood is home to an array of eateries worth trying, featuring cuisine from every inch of the globe. 


There is bound to be a meal for every taste bud to indulge during the restaurant week. Some individuals use this event as an opportunity to expand their palates and try new food. If there is a cuisine or dish from another country that you have never tried before, chances are high that there is a restaurant featuring this taste on their Restaurant Week menu. Others like to use this time to visit their local favorites without breaking the bank.


High-end restaurants also seize the opportunity to offer exposure to new clientele and, in doing so, procure some new regulars to dine long after the discounted meals are done. While the prix fixe menu prices are standard across all participating restaurants, many will thrown in even more deals to enhance the experience. Some restaurants will pair their menu with a discounted glass of their house wine, or offer special cocktails to complement the hospitality. 


The almost three-week-long Restaurant “Week” is a great opportunity to truly immerse oneself in NYC culture, however proper planning is highly encouraged. With an influx of tourists and out-of-town visitors, it is recommended to book reservations prior to dining. Most of the restaurants will be busiest during the deal, so walk-in lunches may not be an option. 


Do your research on the restaurants that you want to try, as the prix fixe menus will be listed online. Not only does this give you an opportunity to decide which restaurants are a must-try, but there will be no surprises when it comes time to order your meal. Use the program to truly immerse yourself in the diverse and delicious cuisine that NYC has to offer.