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New York City is a mecca for foodies like myself who love to try new foods from different cultures across the globe. With over 25,000 restaurants in the city that never sleeps, I have found quite a few restaurants that serve my favorite cuisine – Indian. If you love Indian food as much as I do, or are just looking to expand your taste buds, check out one (or all) of my top 10 favorite Indian restaurants in NYC. 



10. Saravana Bhavan – Offers traditional South Indian food, much like the homemade dishes that my grandmother made from Andhra Pradesh. 

Location: 413 Amsterdam Ave in Manhattan

Hari’s Pick: Onion Rava Masala Dosa 

9. Dhaba – The name of the restaurant is a play on the word that is commonly known for being a roadside eatery that serves Punjabi food preferred by truck drivers. A fine dining establishment that offers Punjabi specialties and a buffet. 

Location: 108 Lexington Ave

Hari’s Pick: Tandoori Chicken 



8. Indikitch (Deep Indian Kitchen) – Often referred to as the ‘Chipotle of Indian Food.’ Offers fast-casual food to eat in or take out. 

Locations: 1190 6th Ave & 940 8th Ave

Hari’s Pick: Katti Rolls



7. Swagat – Located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan and offers a small and intimate dining experience. They have a tasty and creative wine and spirit collection. 

Location: 205 W 29th St.

Hari’s Pick: Trying a new cocktail each time



6. Mughlai – a cuisine descended from medieval Indo-Persia, their entrees consist of a spice blend mixture of South and Central Asian cuisine mixed with Iranian influence. 

Locations: 1724 2nd Ave & 329 3rd Ave

Hari’s Pick: Biryani



5. Pippali – Offers a diverse menu of curries, seafood, and authentic Indian cuisine classics. Another intimate dining experience to play on their bold flavors. 

Location: 129 E 27th St

Hari’s Pick: Bhindi Masala and Okra



4. Tamarind Tribeca – The definition of fine dining Indian cuisine in NYC. Owned by Avtar Walia, this restaurant has earned a very prestigious Michelin Star and offers dishes from the Indian state of Rajasthan. 

Location: 99 Hudson St

Hari’s Pick: Anything on the executive lunch menu



3. aRoqa – Offers contemporary Indian food that pays homage to traditional Indian flavors but presented in an artistic and creative fashion. The atmosphere of the restaurant is spirited and energized. 

Location: 206 9th Ave

Hari’s Pick: Habanero Chicken Tikka & Butternut Squash Ke Kofte



2. Junoon – Named after the Indian word for ‘passion’ which is clearly portrayed in every meal prepared by executive chef Akshay Bharadwaj. They offer 3 different dining rooms to appeal to every patron’s desired atmosphere. 

Location: 27 W 24th St

Hari’s Pick: Naan bread served to me in the Patiala Room



1.Baar Baar – An Indian Gastro Bar that offers a modern twist fused with rustic elements to present contemporary Indian dishes. Owner Payal Sharma and executive Chef Sujan offer a menu with options for everyone. 

Location: 13 E 1st St

Hari’s Pick: Paneer Pinwheel for dinner with a Hyderabad cocktail from their extensive and delicious list of options, finished with a carrot halwa cake for dessert