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The holiday season is about more than gifts and Hallmark movies. This is the time of year to spend by spreading joy and holiday cheer to those who need it most. Many people would be surprised at some of the basic necessities they take for granted on a regular basis that many must go without. Basic necessities such as food or water can be a major gift to those who happen to be less fortunate. 

Dedicating some time during the holiday season by sharing and giving back to the community can become a yearly tradition. With so many ways to get involved, there is an option for everyone.


Paying It Forward

A person can give back by doing something as simple as paying for other people’s groceries or paying for another person’s meal at the drive-thru. This will come as a complete surprise for the person behind in the line. A small token of generosity will make someone’s day, and can even have a domino effect and inspire them to do the same for someone else.


Nursing Home Visits

Baking cookies or pastries for residents of a nursing home is another way to give back. Who doesn’t love fresh baked goods during the holiday season? Some individuals in nursing homes may not have families who are available to visit them, so genuine interaction with volunteers can make a huge impact. It is a small act of kindness that doesn’t cost much but goes a long way. 


Goody Bags

Visiting the women’s shelter is one way to offer emotional support to those in need during the holiday season. Goody bags can be full of basic necessities such as water, snacks, women’s hygiene products, warm socks, and blankets and will mean a lot to someone without these items.


Hand Out Gift Cards

Stocking up on gift cards and handing them out to people who need them is another random act of kindness one can do to give back. These gift cards can be general gift cards or cards to a specific store, and range at any price. It can be a very unexpected gift for those who receive it, and even more so appreciated.


Volunteer at the Animal Shelter

Local animal shelters are always in need of supplies like dog food, blankets, leashes, and treats as many work on a volunteer and donation budget. A person can volunteer at the animal shelter during the holiday season by offering to walk some of the dogs, feed them, and monitor them while they socialize. Workers at the animal shelter will appreciate the extra hands.